10 Years Down the Line as “Wicked” Rocks on Broadway

For “Wicked” fans, it is important to remember that 2014 marked ten years down the line since its launch. The Broadway production “Wicked” has garnered much success compared to productions in Los Angeles, London, and other cities in North America. With interesting statistics, the Broadway production broke the record in 2013, earning more than 3 million dollars in its weekly revenue. It now stands out as the best of the musical productions organized by “Wicked.”

Fans of “Wicked” can book their dates and purchase tickets online to try and secure a seat at the show in New York. According to fans and critics, attending the Broadway performance at the Gershwin Theater in New York City is one of the greatest show experiences. For most fans, seeing a favorite story live, in front of their eyes, in a once in a lifetime experience, so it is important to check on the official, “Wicked” website to get tickets as soon as possible, as the show sells out quickly.

Many people wonder what fans gain when they attend a live production. For true, loyal fans, and those out to discover new experiences, attending a live production comes with various advantages. First, you interact with an artist, or artists, face-to-face; while it is easy to listen to a recorded version at home or in your car repeatedly, fans will miss the physical and emotional reactions they can have from seeing and hearing the artist during a live performance.

Secondly, by attending a live performance on Broadway, fans share an experience with other fans, as they appreciate the performance of the artist together. Artists have their way of engaging with the fans, including gestures, emotions, expressions, and more, to ensure that fans are absorbed in the performance. A good, live performance is good for health as well, as it can lead to an enlightened spirit, and less stress and depression, which often results from boredom.

If you are a loyal fan of “Wicked,” don’t miss your chance to get your ticket. Tickets are available online from the official website, where you can book according to your seat preference; there are seats available in the orchestra front mezzanine, orchestra stadium, mid mezzanine, as well as rear mezzanine seats.

When you purchase your tickets early, you can avoid the last minute rush that always seems to occur when people scramble for tickets. Buy your ticket early and secure your spot for a unique Broadway experience.